15.48 ore saltanti is a craftsman time machine. Every single piece is handmade and assembled in Italy.

Light weight and high resistance are ensured by the drop-forged carbon case.

The old heritage “Driver” models inspire a “retro futuristic” look.

The sapphire glass prism, flat naked on the case, provides a vertical visualization of time. A gemstone indicates the hours marked by the “jumping” mechanism.

Power reserve and seconds indications are on the back, all is treated with

Superluminova” to allow night vision.

15.48 is also a fashion item thanks to its changeable covers and straps available in many different versions and materials from leather to cloth. All artisan-customised by our tailors (Patent 15.48).


Every 15.48 will be unique… just like you.

The prism is an exclusive 15.48 design made out of sapphire glass.

The gemstone, craftsman mounted, shows hours and minutes. Time is a most precious necessity.

15.48 is a time device that revokes the world of racing cars and of gentleman drivers. The charging crown, that sets hors and minutes,  resembles a piston rod and its movement recalls that used to start up and ignite the old heritage vehicles.

The interchangeable cover allows to personalize your 15.48 (Patent 15.48).


The strap it's easily changeable with the fast bay-handle with no need of extra special tools.

Our designers have created an exclusive special packaging recalling the world of races and engines. By rotating the plate you will enter the 15.48 world.

To change the cover it is enough to extract the exhaust muffler.

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