The art of precision

Time is unstoppable, it's like water: can't hold it in my hands, runs away through my fingers.
We can't stop time. We can only remember a moment, staring at it, stick it on the timeline.
15.48 is the moment that I wanted to stop, hold for me.

One of a kind

At 15.48 my world stopped. It seemed that time did't flow anymore, and everything around me would go towards infinity.

Past, present and future are merged into a single moment: 15.48.
The moment when my time machine was created, the instant from which my time resumed.

15.48 in every detail


  • Case:Carbon forged
  • Case size:42W x 15T
  • Weight:61 gr
  • Water resistance:3 ATM
  • Prism & lenses:Sapphire glass
  • Module ore saltanti:Made by Giuseppe Lama
  • Movement:Automatic
  • Rubini28 pcs
  • Alternation:28.800 hz
  • Functions:H, M, S, Charging reserve
  • Life charge:42 Hours

Watch Handbook

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15.48 ore saltanti is a craftsman time machine. Every single piece is handmade and assembled in Italy.
Light weight and high resistance are ensured by the drop-forged carbon case.
The old heritage “Driver” models inspire a “retro futuristic” look.
The sapphire glass prism, flat naked on the case, provides a vertical visualization of time. A gemstone indicates the hours marked by the “jumping” mechanism.
Power reserve and seconds indications are on the back, all is treated with “Superluminova” to allow night vision.