About Us

Life is about making your dreams come true.

We all have a dream.
Our dream became true one day when our first watch prototype was built.

It was 29th January 2015, 15h 48m.
That’s how we named it.

To celebrate these same numbers, the 15 is on hour disc instead of 3 and 48 on the minute disc instead of 50.

15.48, an Italian reality born from the idea of ​​Massimo Bovera and Scilla Nascimbene, entrepreneurs of Pavia with passion for watches and by the vision of the designers Marcello Pasotti and Manuela Cucchi, who put black on white ideas that spring from the minds of the two members.

The timepiece 15.48 was also born thanks to the clockmaster Giuseppe Lama of Somma Vesuviana, who has realized hand made the module jumping hours.
The modules are created starting from scratch and, once mounted on the move, are sent to Pavia where final assembly takes place.
A process which takes many hours of work and makes each movement a unique piece.

Unique also the ability to customize your 15.48, thanks to the interchangeable cover and strap (Patent 15.48).
We are inspired by another world where personalization is a luxury: tailoring. So the watch is dressed according to the customer, like a tailoring dress, and becomes a reflection of your style and mood.
The savoir faire of our artisans will transform your fabric or material into watch straps and covers for your precious 15.48, just as if you were wrapping a custom dress.

15.48 watches

Love for tailoring and passion for high timepiece
meet in one place: 15.48

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